Yes, everything was perfect

It all went according to plan—
faithless clouds disappeared from sight,
blurry eyes operated clearly,
misfits became adapted,
dazed bodies behaved maturely…
all went according to plan.
and slow burning of the heart
and hormones exposed on sweaty palms
and nervousness, that restlessness
planted to make control incomplete 
because control always gets out of control
when you are in question, my elusive grace …
it all went according to plan.
and the full moon was full of rounded envy
due to a sharply dressed red-eyed man
and the wine that my liver harboured,
was only accidentally poured into my glass,
but that wine didn’t know how to uncover your whereabouts
but it knew how to make me drunk again,
same as you always do
because everything went according to plan …
and that thing— it was mercilessly beating inside my chest
while I was waiting for you to show up
among these people, in that red dress
making the hearts simultaneously fit
and to awaken in them a longing
while in me you’d awaken a vivid imagination …
yes, everything went according to plan.
and my impatient, drunk hope, a delusion if you like—
a delusion that I’ll see you in front of me 
while you pretend that you ARE here for me
because everything WAS perfect for it and
it all WENT according to plan … all … except you.
except you.

©Tom Del Braco 

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