If I could erase the world

what if I erase the dark clouds
and draw a hopeful mind?
what if I erase the remnants of ancient civilisations
and draw new ones?
what if I erase the nature of dissatisfaction,
the distance of infinite universe
and in the daylight sky
I draw the yellow moon and blue stars near the blood-orange sun?
what if I erase all of the art
and celebrated songs
and re-draw them in the verses of the deaf and blind?
what if I erase all the lonely souls
and draw the old fashion lovers;
and warriors of outraged times if I erase,
believers and unbelievers and all the nations
so I could draw peace?
what if I manage to erase all the life around me
to draw a new birth?
will I know how to draw a new us?
will I be able to draw a new beginning,
the one I would not eventually have to erase
will I manage to draw common sense,
or maybe
its meaning?

©Tom Del Braco