The island

people, please …
for a moment at least, spare me from your criticism.
somehow I have the feeling, judging by your cynicism
that I’m misunderstood.
nobody can, nor should prove
that I am not able to recognise your utopia,
even as a favour.
so why waste your time on foolishness
next to so much bottled flavour?
look, there’s a full table,
and you’re worried about my credibility;
drink people, drink! and better you will feel!
but you need to know,
I never complain without the merit
like some of you believe I would, for sure.
I’m not raised by snobs
nor porno movie fans.
I’m no pillar of a homeland
full of decoration and kitsch;
I’m not one of those original pacifist phenomena
with a message written on their shirts.
I am the average and inconspicuous space
full of buttons with different
social malfunctions
with my feet stuck in dirt.
when one button is pressed
another pops up,
after that pops up the third and
they’re countless; as flies on a turd.
you’re all here to assemble your troubles
so they can merge into one,
so you can push them with the joint force
straight to the bottom of your glass.
well, I’m here to understand you —
so tonight I’m drinking too!
some of you may feel cursed,
some unhappy, malicious, betrayed,
some naive, superstitious,
even pitiable;
all the vices and accidents gathered you together
to feel the shared transient happiness
of the lost souls.
alas, my friends!
tell me, can anyone find simple answers
when they’re face to face
with the similar kind? don’t know?
so drink,
in the name of the same,
because there’s no happiness like drunk foolishness!
this will be our island and
we will make our own laws!
at least,
until the new morning

©Tom Del Braco