The look

she was looking at me silently tonight,
entering all my premonitions.
that look occupied my mind
to the borderline of respect
and abandonment.
I have finally found someone who —
by not exceeding the set framework —
is extremely interested in my
over-sensitive wrangling,
conversions and hypocrisies.
in that same moment I was experiencing
the reflection of my feelings in that mirror.
the core which was unaffected
was created there
and I did not dare to offend its peace.
that core was needed even more
because I’ve always wandered through dreams
left to my uneven fragility,
from the very beginnings to the
certain extremes.
I assessed my own value by
the depth of her eyes.
if my essence is stable and noteworthy
I will sail surprised and relaxed
through the mystic rain-forest
gently holding her hand and
giving precedence to the accessible time of
pleasant planning.
her eyes absorbed me like quicksand
and I lost myself in them
fleeing from the truth
that my world  — although wide —
without her really is
unusually —
unusually small.

©Tom Del Braco