I say to myself
cheer up
birds can fly
because they are destined to
and you don’t have to
if you don’t want to
but I was called to them once
and I tried to fly
but I only found out that
I do not belong there
and I’m not sure if I’ll ever
try again.
all the important things
can’t be whispered to the left ear
that plays a blind eye
nor to the right ear
that doesn’t want to hear.
all the important things
can’t be understood
if for some
they’re irrelevant
at any given moment
unnecessary and
all the important things
take time
and for most
there’s no time to spare.
time is colluding
with the bad guys
but in truth
it should only belong
to the free birds
because, unlike them,
we are grounded
and surrounded
by bricks
in the world
busy and
and we walk nervously
on a thin
lost within ourselves
and we can’t find our way

©Tom Del Braco

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