I wake up restrained
from being awake.
sleeping in often makes me feel confused
so I get up early.
yet another hangover is unforgiving.
I brush my teeth.
it’s hot outside.
I find something comfortable to wear.
I like this worn out T-shirt with the image of Bob Marley.
push bike as a transport of choice is the healthy option.
newspapers are a drag but I still buy them,
some bullshit in the morning can
possibly make me laugh. that’s healthy too.
people are annoying so I ignore them.
Gattica is my favourite place for a good coffee,
nice and peaceful.
she brings me coffee with a smile and I smile back.
she’s nice.
I read and I drink.
I pay and I walk out.
getting back to an empty apartment feels solitary and
I’m fine with that, it suits me well.
scrambled eggs for breakfast.
I put on a Miles Davis vinyl, thinking doesn’t need any distractions.
and I think. and I write.
and I think again. a bit too much.
there’s noise coming from outside.
neighbours are arguing, again.
strange couple. sometimes I can
hear them having loud sex. very loud.
so I close the window.
and now I can’t write any more.
so I think again.
it’s not eleven yet—  and it’s getting even hotter. God,
is this how I do it?
is this how I feel sorry
for myself?
I turn the TV on and
my mind off.
with a bit of luck
I might succeed.

©Tom Del Braco

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