Something you should know

You are life
but you aren’t aware of it.
you are my life.
I used to lie about it
when you asked me how much you mean to me,
I’d be disgustingly rude
and I would change the topic of conversation
onto some non-essential things
and you weren’t persistent …
you were wrong, you know,
persistence would drive the truth out of me:
you are my life.
for a man to truly believe in love
he must firstly cure the bitterness within himself.
I’m not saying that I am ready
but certainly I understand more about it.
maybe we should meet again for the first time.
maybe we should get drunk again
to fool your suitors that we are together
so they would stop bothering you.
and we were good at it. so good
that even we started to believe.
how did we let that happen?
well, I guess you know—
despite the fact that we like to push people away
you and I still don’t know
how to be alone.

©Tom Del Braco

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