It’s a kind
of a day
I’m yet to understand.
once again
in a lousy mood
and it sucks to be
in this hole.
I know,
there are those worse
than me
but somehow
I don’t feel I’m
any better.
there are things
that make me
feel good:
the excitement of
buying a book;
the fresh smell of paper;
a poem written;
a decent human conversation
excluding vanity;
Bukowski’s Madness;
a touch of luck;
the feeling of fulfillment reached
with good music;
an occasional fuck;
a message of encouragement;
I’m empty.
empty as a trash can
in a haunted house.
empty as a politicians
empty as a following thought written
on a blank peace
of paper:
we’re all
just the same; we are only here
for a time
on this planet
and that is a simple

in this hole.

I should get
a cat?
I like cats.
they’ll stick with you
for as long as you
feed them and
pat them.
even if you don’t
they’ll find a way
to survive.
they’ll move on
to better things.
with no fuss.
smart creatures,
than us.

©Tom Del Braco

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